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Sandra Robles: "Working by projects is the best way to get to know the reality of a business"

Graduated in management Applied Management in 2022, she is part of department of Human Resources in the biotechnology company Viralgen from Guipuzcoa.


27 | 03 | 2023

"Companies require management and organization in any area". So explains Sandra Robles, a former student of Degree in management Applied Management and Human Resources technician at business biotech company Viralgen, dedicated to the manufacture of viral vectors for gene therapy.

"At department I deal with the management of people, selection processes, data analysis, management of subsidies and management of procedures, among others", she points out. In parallel, he also manages two main projects: in one of them he works on the implementation of the digitalization of department by means of an ERP tool for management human resources; and in another, he manages inclusion projects for people with disabilities.

Robles did his curricular internship at Viralgen during the last semester of the degree program and, once the experience was over, he was offered to stay and be part of the team. The business was in full expansion and had to look for talent and new processes to implement at department: "I keep learning more and more every day about the biotechnology and human resources sector. San Sebastian is a city that offers many opportunities and the sector is booming plenary session of the Executive Council ". 

For Sandra Robles, the Degree in management Applied Management has given her a lot to carry out her tasks. "What has been most useful for me has been to learn all the tools of management and the languages. In addition, you realize that working on projects is the best way to get to know the reality of a business".

To the students who are doing the Degree he recommends that they have a lot of patience, self-confidence and enthusiasm when they go out into the working world. "When starting out we have to learn about the industry we are working in and the dynamics of each business. This takes time and doesn't happen overnight," he says. He also reminds them that a young person's vision always brings many positive things. "Don't be afraid to propose ideas or new processes to work, you will be surprised by your innovative capacity," he concludes.