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Three students of the School Sciences, distinguished at the 2022 Sports Gala

Alejandro Pidal, Andrea Legarra and Adrián Arnáiz will receive recognition for combining their programs of studywith the internshipof sport.

/Andrea Legarra during an archery exercise.

27 | 04 | 2022

Students Alejandro Pidal (4th year Biochemistry ), Andrea Legarra (5th year Biology+Environmental Sciences) and Adrián Arnáiz (4th year Biochemistry +Science and Business Program) will receive an award at the University of Navarra's Sports Gala, which will be held on Friday 29 April.

At the event, awards will be presented to federated sportsmen and sportswomen or talented sportsmen and women who complete their studies this year programs of study. In the case of Alejandro as graduatesportsman in basketball; and Adrián and Andrea for belonging to the Sports Talent programme, in the disciplines of karate and archery respectively.

For Adrián, combining sport with the degree programwebsite has meant making a extra effortShe says: "getting up at six in the morning to do physical training before going to study and then from ten at night to dedicate a couple of hours to the technical aspects". In the same vein, Andrea acknowledges the difficulty of making these two aspects compatible, and assures that his internshipsport has helped him to develop and achieve good results.I gave up archery for a lot of years because I found myself unable to train due to programs of study. This past year I decided to join the Talento Deportivo programme and it has helped me get back into the sport and achieve my sporting and academic goals. And for Alejandro it's the finishing touch to his time at university: "I feel like I'm putting the finishing touch to my time, both sporting and academic, at the University of Navarra. I've had some great years where I've been able to enjoy the sport I love, basketball, and I'll be eternally grateful".

The three sportsmen and women emphasise the value of sport in their trainingintegral. Adrián sees it as a way to find balance and "not to lose focus amidst so much pressure". He himself sees sport as a great lifesaver: "if at some point I have to stop training for any reason, my academic performance drops and my character gets a lot weaker because of the pressure". Andrea highlights the positive contribution that sport makes to a person on a physical, mental and motivational level: "Although sometimes it is hard, combining the two is a rest for the mind, it takes your mind off all the problems that university can often entail". And Alejandro sees sport as something inseparable from his training: "sport gives me energy and makes me disconnect from everyday life so that I can then perform at my best in my training".

Alejandro Pidal, during a basketball training session.

During the gala, the Trophies president 2022 will also be awarded, as well as other special recognitions: the best university athlete 2022 (male and female), best School, best high school , best senior, athletes with a future, award sportsmanship, among others. The ceremony is expected to include the participation of dancer Esther Amorós, the Mago del Balón and a performance by "La voz de tu School".

Adrián Arnáiz, Andrea Legarra and Alejandro Pidal