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The University submission awards the Silver Medal to 118 professionals.

Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero: "We have several projects in hand and others will emerge in the future if we continue working as you have done".

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Family photo of the professionals who have been awarded the Silver Medal of the University this year.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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28/01/15 15:58 Raquel Astibia

On January 28, the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, the University of Navarra presented the Silver Medal to 118 professionals from the academic institution . Of these, 62 belong to the Clínica and eight to IESE, who received the medal on Dec. 22 at a ceremony held at the business school's campus in Barcelona.

This recognition is awarded to people who have been working at the center for 25 years or who have retired with more than 20 years of dedication. The submission took place in the Museum Theater, where, after the projection of several videos, the honorees received the Medal from the hands of President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero.

"With today's 118, the University of Navarra has now awarded more than 1,600 silver medals throughout its history, a figure that is equivalent to some 42,500 years of work, representing an important part of the effort made," said President.

He also referred to the recent inauguration of the Museum: "For the University, the Museum is a metaphor that speaks to us of magnanimity, open-mindedness, creativity, work as a team, the spirit of partnership, generosity and service". "We have several projects in hand and many others will emerge in the future if we continue to work as you have done in these twenty-five years," he said.

Lessons of life and humanity

Joaquín de Nó, from the Tecnun Engineering School in San Sebastian, then gave a word of thanks on behalf of all the medalists. The professor first thanked his colleagues at work for "their essential partnership and their attentive, familiar and, when necessary, demanding attention ". "In today's world of globality and fragile ties, this relationship brings us together and brings us closer, despite the differences in age, the very different functions we perform and the multiple buildings and even cities in which we work."

He also alluded to the students and patients, "the ultimate goal of our activity professor and care". "They have placed their trust in us to improve their training or their health and it is to them that our yearnings for excellence and constant improvement must be directed. Their most valuable and hidden payment are the true lessons of life and humanity that we receive from them every day".

Silver Medals 2015

Gema Afra Martínez
Ignacio Alberola
Santiago Álvarez de Mon
J. José Alviar
María Gloria Anaut
María Inmaculada Ancizu
Javier Arbizu
María Lourdes Arina
Javier Aristu
Ana Carmen Armendariz
Mª José Arnal Navarro
Joaquin Arza
Rosa María Azparren
Ana Azurmendi
Elena Beortegui
Sara Carmen Beritens
María Elena Bodegas
Ruth Breeze
Marisa Buey
Ana María Dolores Canga
Francisco Javier Caspistegui
Mª José Castell Mas
María Jesús Chasco
Estrella Ciriza
Joaquín Juan de Nó
Arantxa Díez
Mª Carmen Domínguez Bernabé
Víctor María Domínguez Gabari
Concepción María Esther Echarri
Begoña Echevarne
José Enériz
María Espelosín
Juan Carlos Etayo
Nekane Etayo
Elisabeth Faura Bastardas
José Antonio Fernández
Miriam Carolina Fernández
María Eva Fernández-Micheltorena
Begoña Ferrer Puga
Fernando Flamarique
José Benigno Freire
Mercedes Galdiano
Ana Isabel Gamboa
José Ángel García Cuadrado
María del Pilar García
María Elena García
Juan Garrido
María Nieves Goicoechea
María Esther Gómez
Ana Raquel Gómez
Consuelo Gómez Gómez
María Celia Goñi
María del Carmen Goñi
Cristina Gorría
María José Guembe
José Luis Gutiérrez
Ana María Herce
María Jesús Herrero
José Ignacio Herrero

Francisco Hidalgo
Carina Huguet Valls
Elena Ibarburu
María Isabel Iribertegui
Carmen Iriso
Ana Jimenez Obis
Miguel Angel Jimeno
Lourdes Lara
María del Mar Larraza
Ana María Larumbe
Francisco Javier Laspalas
Ana Isabel León
Ángel Leoz
José Ángel Leoz
Charo Lezaun
Isabel Linzoain
María Inmaculada López
Jacinta Esther Luna
Jesús María Malo
María Isabel Malumbres
Héctor Luis Mancini
Josep Maria Martí
Marian Martiartu
María Josefa Martín
Eduardo Martínez Abascal
María del Pilar Martínez-Costa
Yolanda Mendez Mendez
María Molina
María Asunción Montes
Maite Muez
María Isabel Nieva
Blanca Esther Olleta
José Luis Orihuela
María Isabel Ormart
Cristina Oroviogoicoechea
María Teresa Orueta Jannone
Alfredo Panadero Sánchez
Francisco Javier Pérez Latre
Salome Perez
Ana Isabel Pérez de Ciriza
Luis Ravina Bohórquez
Silvia Remírez
María Eugenia Reta
María José Rodríguez
José Antonio Rodríguez
Carlos Sánchez
Alejo José Sison
Inmaculada Isabel Soria
Ana Treviño
Cristina Unciti
Miren Edurne Urdiroz
Julia Urdiroz
María Pilar Urío
Oscar Velasco
Lourdes Velasco
Ana Isabel Vitas
María José Vizcay
María Antonia Yanguas
Guillermo Zalba