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The Sports Service submission the awards of the 50th edition of the Trophy President

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Awarded in the Trophy President of the University of Navarra 2013-2014.
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28/03/14 16:25 Sports Service

The Sports Service University of Navarra has awarded the prizes of the 50th edition of the Trophy President, which ended all its competitions this week.

It was the 50th submission of trophies of some competitions in which more than 70 students were given quotation distributed in different sports: tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash, soccer conference room, soccer 11, basketball, chess, panel, fencing, Olympic shooting and archery.

The submission of trophies to the champions came from the hand of the director of the Sports Service, Javier Trigo, and the Vice President of Alumni, Tomás Gómez-Acebo.

Trophy winners President 2013-2014
  • Chess: Alejandro Toste 

  • Badminton: Luis Martínez (male) and Teresa Castelló (female)

  • Basketball: Tecnun (masc) and Medicina (fem)

  • Fencing: Javier Ilundain (masc) and Sandra Arrieta (fem)

  • Frontenis: Daniel Erdozain and Andoni Pérez (men) and Gendive and Sexmilo (women).

  • Soccer: Medicine

  • Soccer 7-a-side: Medicine

  • Soccer conference room: Tecnun (masc) and Goimendi (fem)

  • Padel 1st category: Eduardo Laviña and Ángel Romero

  • Págel 2nd category: Ignacio Ordoki and Ignacio Corbí

  • Squash: Lluís Aragonés

  • Tennis: Javier Mata (masc) and Laura Revert (fem)

  • Table tennis: David Esparza

  • Archery: Igor López (masc) and Beatriz Olmos (fem)

  • Olympic Shooting: Antón Arrien (masc) and Karol Jael (fem)