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2,000 euros are raised with the II International exhibition "Arte Joven".

The money raised has been used to finance a project of the Monkole Hospital (Kinshasa, Congo).

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Image of one of the works of the II exhibition Internacional Arte Joven PHOTO: Manuel Castells
28/03/14 16:19 Fina Trèmols

The students of the Schools de Philosophy and Lettersand Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra have raised 2,000 euros with the blind auction of the 54 works of the II International exhibition "University Art" from Mexico, Granada, Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona and Navarra.

The exhibited works have been commented with a literary criticism made by students of the Degrees of the Schools of Philosophy and Letters, Education and Psychology, Medicine, Lawand Economics.

The money raised has been donated to the NGO Navarra ONAY, for the Monkole Hospital in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), in order to collaborate with project "Let's help them to play"which finances orthopedic operations for children and young people.

The sample has remained open at Central Building between March 17 and 27. During this time the interested public had the opportunity to bid for a painting for a minimum of 8 euros by placing their bid in a sealed urn. The person with the highest suggested price of all the bids was the beneficiary of the work. Of the 121 bids placed, the highest bid was 400 euros and the most leave, 10. All the paintings were awarded. 

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