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More than a hundred people participate in the workshop Open Doors and Experimentation of the School of Sciences.

The students have carried out internships and gained an in-depth knowledge of the Degrees and double Degrees offered by the School

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28 | 03 | 2022

Fifty students from 1st and 2nd year of high school diplomaaccompanied by their families, went to School Science on Saturday to take part in a new edition of the workshop Open Doors and Experimentation in Science, with the aim of discovering goal what the university Degree they are interested in consists of and what its career prospectsis. In total, more than one hundred people took part, including students and their families.

"The workshop open day is a special day when prospective students can learn, explore, share and discover all that School Science and the University of Navarra has to offer", says Santiago Caireta, manager of promotion of the School Science.

The School has organised an attractive programme of internships by thematic areas: "The magical world of the Chemistry"for those candidates of Chemistry, Biochemistry and the double Degree; "A internship in a classroom without a roof", a safari through the campus for those students interested in the area of Biology and Environmental Sciences. "The students have had the opportunity to do a internship, have listened to the experience of students representing all the Degrees of the School and have been able to meet professors, doctoral students, students and future colleagues of class", adds Caireta.

The participants came from Navarre, the Basque Country, La Rioja, Cantabria, the Balearic Islands and Galicia, representing the following schools: IES Zizur, IES Tierra Estella, IES Mendillorri, high school Calasanz-Escolapios, San Cernin, Marianistas, Ikastola San Fermín, high school Luis Amigó, Nuestra Señora del Puy, Miravalles-El Redín, Jesuitinas, IES place de la Cruz, high school San Ignacio, IES Navarro Villoslada, high school Claret Larraona, Maristas and high school FEC Vedruna. From outside Navarre, Jesús María Ikastetxea (Bilbao), high school Carmelitas Sagrado Corazón (Vitoria), high school de Fomento Torrevelo-Peñalabra (Cantabria), Ikastola Lauaxeta (Bizkaia), Santa Teresa Ikastetxea (San Sebastián), high school Nuestra Señora de Begoña (Bilbao), high school Madre Alberta (Palma), Liceo Francés (Bilbao), IES Zumaia, La Salle (San Sebastián), Ikastola Padre Raimundo Olabide (Álava) and Centro de Education Castroverde (Santander). 

On the other hand, the accompanying persons enjoyed a programme with sessions on the Degrees and diplomas of the School at position by Dean Luis Montuenga, as well as on the process of Admissions Office, scholarships and accommodation, given by José Manuel Trillo, director of development of the School.

At the end of the activities proposed at the Science area , the participants went to the University's Central Building , where the young people and their families were able to find out about the extracurricular activities on offer (cultural life, sports, volunteer activities, etc), as well as the different options available at accommodation and the possibilities of financing the programs of study.