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Óscar Pau and María José Cabrera, new University delegate and subdelegate

They have been elected by the representatives of the different Schools and schools of the institution.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
28/09/17 18:13 Loreto Sáez

Óscar Pau and María José Cabrera were elected delegate and subdelegate, respectively, of the University of Navarra. Representatives of the 15 Schools and schools of the academic center participated in the voting.

Óscar Pau is Catalan and is studying 4th year of Law and Philosophy. In his inauguration, he stressed that the three main pillars on which they will work are to improve communication between students, that they live an intense university experience and that the figure of the delegates is relevant among their peers.

In this sense, he recalled the importance of school representatives to motivate students to live a complete and universal university experience, which have "a relevant weight for students to leave the classroom".

María José Cabrera has been elected as subdelegate. She is from Ecuador and is studying 3rd year of Industrial Engineering at design and development of products at campus in San Sebastian.  

His main motivation has been to bring the life and activities of both campus closer together: "It is important that we delegates work to be the voices of the Schools and to achieve a pleasant atmosphere during our student period". He has also highlighted the importance of maintaining an effective and constant communication between Pamplona and Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra.   

The delegates of all the Schools and schools of the University of Navarra are grouped under the name of 'Student Representation'. They meet every two months to make decisions about the objectives set at the beginning of the academic year, as well as the suggestions that come from the students. In addition, the delegate and subdelegate are part of the board of Government of the academic institution.

Delegates from Schools and schools


            Delegate: Antonio Rodríguez Macias

            Deputy Delegate: Maialen Ariz Sarasketa             


            Delegate: Carlota Guibert Lacasa

            Subdelegate: Fernando Gárate Coro


            Delegate: Amaia Mendivil García

            Subdelegate: Carlos Vicente Cordero


            Delegate: Irene de Ribot Iriso

            Subdelegate: Ramón Llorens Minguella           


            Delegate: Pilar González-Villalobos Rincón

            Sub-delegate: Laura García Reinoso


            Delegate: Óscar Pau Vinaixa

            Deputy Delegate: Víctor Javier Lana Arceiz

Pharmacy and Nutrition

            Delegate: Javier Jaso Echeverría

            Subdelegate: Elisa Marcano Bethancourt

Philosophy and Letters

            Delegate: Daniel San Juan de No

            Deputy Delegate: Teresa Reina Uribe

Education and Psychology

            Delegate: Leyre Berisa Grande

            Subdelegate: Jordi Francesch Oliva       


            Delegate: Sandra Rubio Bernabé

            Sub-delegate: Josu Carte García

ISSA School of Management

            Delegate: Esperanza Villa Valentín-Fernández

            Subdelegate: Axel Extamania Zuñiga


            Delegate: Juan José Torres

            Deputy: María José Cabrera Pere

Canon Law

            Delegate: Rodolfo José López

            Subdelegate: Carlos Jean Riquelme

Ecclesiastical School of Philosophy

            Delegate: Gustavo Adolfo Romero Gómez

            Subdelegate: John Fredy Quintero Correa


  Delegate: María Claudia Arboleda

  Subdelegate: Jesús Humberto Pérez Girón