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Andrea Velasquez and Beatriz Prieto, new delegates of ISSA School of Applied Management

FotoChusCantalapiedra/Apuestas por una actitud de escucha activa con sus compañeros y por fomentar la comunicación entre los diferentes cursos.

28 | 09 | 2022

Andrea Velasquez and Beatriz Prieto, second year students of Degree in management Applied, have been elected respectively delegate and subdelegate of ISSA School of Applied Management

They assure that they have started "with a lot of enthusiasm" and among the objectives they would like to achieve are to maintain an attitude of active listening with their colleagues, as well as to encourage communication among the students of the different courses and also with the professors. 

Andrea is 19 years old and is from Pamplona. She combines her programs of study with some jobs to earn some extra money. Passionate about music, she defines herself as a cheerful and active person and eager to learn. 

Beatriz is from Madrid and is 19 years old as well. A tennis enthusiast, she has been a member of the Management Lab during the past year, where she collaborated in different activities related to the communication of its activities. She got to know Degree while studying at high school because she participated in the Summer Course 'International Management World' for ESO students, and she has also been a member of the Lab for the past year. high school diploma. 

Asked about the international stay in Boston that the first-year students made last June, Beatriz assures that, in addition to everything they learned in the academic field, it allowed them to get closer as group and get to know each other better. "It was a very good experience staff ," she stresses.

The course councils of Degree in management Applied for the academic year 2022/2023 have been formed as follows:


Delegate: Leyre Carrascosa
Deputy: Jerónimo Rueda
Board Member: Enrique Martínez
Board Member: Pablo Hermida
Board Member: Camilo Cambronero
Board Member: Luis Touriño


Delegate: Andrea Velasquez
Subdelegate: Beatriz Prieto
Counselor: Lucía Mª Agromayor
Board Member: Inés Sanz
Board Member: Mª Fernanda Spanish


Delegate: Marta Luzán
Subdelegate: Cecilia García
Counselor: Paula Albizu
Counselor: Ana Moreno-Calvo


Delegate: María Sagredo
Deputy: Alba Zabalza
Board Member: María Vaquero
Board Member: Rodrigo Agromayor