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The first edition of Master's Degree in Matrimonial Law and Canonical Procedural Law starts in Madrid

About twenty students attended their first week of training on-site from September 11 to 15 at the postgraduate program

FotoCEDIDA/ProfessorsJuan Ignacio Bañares and Álvaro González Alonso during the inauguration of Master's Degree in Madrid.

The students of the I edition of the Master's Degree in Matrimonial Law and Canonical Procedural Law of the University have started the course at Campus in Madrid. They have done so by participating in the first of the two weeks of the training course postgraduate program, since the format of the course is hybrid, online and face-to-face. The second week will be completed in June.

Students of the Master's DegreeThe Master's Degree opened its doors with a welcoming session on September 11 where students had the opportunity to meet Professor Ángel José Gómez Montorodirector from the Madrid headquarters of postgraduate program , who welcomed them at campus and dedicated a few words of welcome to them. Also, the director of Master's Degree, Álvaro González AlonsoHe emphasized the importance of the Study program to be particularly oriented towards the acquisition of a deep knowledge of marriage as a natural institution: "Passionate love for this truth will be at the basis of all the preparation to face every cause of marriage nullity".

The inaugural lecture was given at position by Professor Juan Ignacio Bañares, who explained the role played by the ius connubii (right to marriage) as the foundation and meaning of all canonical marriage regulations. In his message he showed how impediments, chapters of matrimonial nullity due to defect or vice of consent and form of marriage are in consonance and are a reflection of the desire to defend this natural institution in its integrity. 

During the next few months, students will continue their training online until June, when they will have to take the second week of training in person.

Master's Degree mostly online and C by the Holy See.

This new Master's Degree of training Permanente en Derecho Matrimonial y Procesal Canónico is the only Master's Degree in Spain, in this field of training, that gathers the two requirements of being mostly online and being C by the Holy See.

It has as goal the specialization and update of professionals working in ecclesiastical courts or in the phase of counseling and previous orientation: judges, defenders of the bond, notaries, lawyers, psychiatrists and psychologists, mediators and agents of family pastoral care, or priests in their pastoral care.

It consists of 60 ECTS credit and its subjects include Anthropology, Psychiatry, Theology and Canon Law (general, matrimonial and procedural), as well as substantial and procedural jurisprudence, and conflict foresight and mediation.

Opening Master's Degree in Matrimonial Law and Canonical Procedural Law