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Around 200 alumni meet again in Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona and San Sebastián

Sole Abad, manager Alumni at Tecnun: "If Tecnun is at the forefront as a School of Engineering is, in large part, thanks to its alumni"


28 | 11 | 2022

A total of 200 alumni of Tecnun have gathered in the last meetings organized in Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona and San Sebastian.

The goal of the events, as explained by Sole Abad, manager of Alumni at Tecnun, is to continue at contact with "a very important part of the University", as well as helping them to create synergies with other professionals and with the School itself or Ceit. "With these meetings, links are strengthened and contacts are established that benefit the employment opportunities of our students, give rise to new lines of research, common projects...", exemplifies Abad. "Collaborations arise even when a former student cannot come, because by calling them together you awaken the sense of belonging to Tecnun," he adds. "Through alumni we foster the relationship between the University and business and if Tecnun is at the forefront as a School of Engineering, it is, in large part, thanks to them." 

25th anniversary celebration: an update of the School

On November 19, Tecnun celebrated its 25th anniversary with the students of the 95th and 96th graduating classes, who were unable to celebrate due to the pandemic.

The director of development of Tecnun, Iñigo Gutiérrez, spoke to them about the current Study program, visited the laboratories and classrooms of the School and reminded them of the goal of Alumni. The Professor Emeritus, Juan Flaquer, had the opportunity to greet his former students and some of them returned to class to sit where they had studied, as Sole Abad tells anecdotally.

meeting Alumni 25th Anniversary (2022)

It should be noted that in 2023, the graduating classes that completed their programs of study 25 years ago will be called together to organize a similar event. Also, in addition to the usual activities, the tenth anniversary of each Degree will be celebrated throughout the year.