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Jaume Aurell: "The ideological wars of the last century have been replaced by the current wars of civilisations"

The board Alumni of Valladolid brings together about 20 alumni for a session on the Ukraine-Israel conflicts

Last Thursday, November 23rd, the board Alumni of Valladolid organized a meeting with the Full Professor Jaume Aurell (TEO'01). About twenty alumni attended this event, in which, in addition to meeting again, they were able to chat with the speaker about the "long-term" roots that have led to the wars in Ukraine and Israel. 

Jaume Aurell, during the talk, made reference letter that "the ideological wars of the last century, such as the 'cold war', have been replaced by the current wars of civilizations." In this way, the Full Professor He noted that conflicts in the West, Russia, China and India stand out for their influence on the world. Thus, Aurell reviewed the conflicts that are currently taking place.  Finally, during the talk there was also an opportunity to comment on the present and future of the countries around Libya and Palestine, such as Lebanon and the United States. group Hezbollah, and Jordan.

For his part, the president of the board Alumni of Valladolid, José Ignacio Sobrini (DER'75), thanked the alumni his interest in the activity, as well as Professor Jaume Aurell for "bringing these current issues to cities like Valladolid". He also reminded those present that they can count on the board for anything they need.

Alumni Territorial Boards: where to find them?

The Alumni Territorial Groups or Boards are responsible for the coordination and management in cities that have a large community of alumni. They are made up of alumni They have a provincial character in Spain, and a national character abroad.

The board Alumni of Valladolid is made up of:

José Ignacio Sobrini Lacruz [RIGHT'75]

Conchita Guix Ribé [ARQ'79]
Jesús Albertos San José [FIA'00 - PhD'06]
Fernando García Álvarez
Laureano Trillo Mérida [MED'85 PhD'90] 

You can contact them at: or by joining the group of Whatsapp of Valladolid

This is how the event went