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87 professionals receive the Silver Medal of the University

"Your performance has contributed to the prestige and, above all, to the service that this institution has provided to many people," says the President

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Detail of the Silver Medals. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
29/01/14 09:33 Alberto Bonilla

The University of Navarra has awarded the Silver Medal to 87 professionals who have completed 25 years of work in the academic center or who have retired with more than 20 years of dedication. The event took place at the auditorium of Sciences on the occasion of the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The ceremonies began with a Mass at Sciences Building and were followed by the submission, presided over by President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, who, after reading a brief biographical sketch of each of them, presented the awards.

Professor Javier de Navascués, from the School of Philosophy and Letters, said a few words of thanks on behalf of all. "For 25 years, while the world was changing at every moment with noise, fury and news, in our university we worked, quasi in occulto, confident in the small, because in the care of small things, as we were learning, hides the beautiful and important. That is why it was a privilege to have worked here," he said.

Finally, the President closed the event with a speech in which he thanked the 87 professionals for their work and their service to the academic institution. "You have been able to dedicate yourselves generously and effectively to the tasks entrusted to you, aware that your real contribution to the university's work does not depend so much on the external brilliance of the tasks undertaken, as on the desire to serve deployed in carrying them out."

"It is necessary to aspire to excellence; we cannot be conformists or pact with mediocrity." Professor Sánchez-Tabernero asked financial aid the awardees to accept with greater commitment their work at the University. "I dare to ask you to accept with greater responsibility, if possible, the demand that comes with being special points of reference letter for your younger colleagues. Therefore, let them see that you are competent in your tasks. That, with creativity, you turn the many difficulties into challenges to overcome".

Photo gallery

Silver Medals 2013

Francisco J. Álvarez-Cienfuegos Suárez

Celia Amorós Prados

Rafael Ansó Ansó

María Virginia Aranguren Aramendía

Africa Ariño Mart

Aurora Arribas Bartolomé

Francisco Autonell Alegre

María Cristina Azcona Berrade

Mª José Bailly-Baillière Torres-Pardo

Miguel Barrientos Pascual

Carmen Berasain Lasarte

Concepción Berrade Ayesa

María Assumpció Cabré Aguilar

Mª Concepción Cárceles Laborde

Carmen Conesa Pérez

Elena María Damboriena Alzuarte

Álvaro María de la Rica Aranguren

Javier de Navascués Martín

Juan Manuel de Toro Martín

Eduardo Díaz del Río y de Larratea

Mª Asunción Domeño Martínez de Morentín

María Imelda Echenique Gubia

Secundino Fernández González

José Miguel Fernández Ramírez

María Lourdes Flamarique Zaratiegui

Eduardo Pablo Flanders Aldeyturriaga

Joan Fontrodona Felip

Judith Fowler Roberts

María de las Mercedes Garayoa Zubiri

Javier Nicolás García González

Andrés García-Alonso Montoya

Pedro Luis Gil Sotres

María Paz Perochena Pérez

José Ignacio Riezu Boj

Christine Rossignol Brunie

Francisco Javier Rubio Martínez

María Salomé San Bruno Quel

María Luisa San Martín Rezusta

Luis María Sancho Seuma

Cristina María Sanz Larrea

Jesus Maria Silva Sanchez

Jesús Javier Sola Gallego

María del Carmen Solchaga Bobadilla

María Josefa Torre Miranda

Tomás Gómez-Acebo Temes

Álvaro González Hernández

Raquel Goñi Petit

María Ángela Imizcoz Beunza

Begoña Indurain Jiménez

María Concepción Iriarte Redín

María Luisa Irujo Bienzobas

María Rosario Irurtia Orzaiz

María Ángeles Jurado López

María Asunción Labarta Ara

María Victoria Lacalle Pascual

María del Carmen Lacosta Lacosta

Juan José Lasarte Sagastibelza

Ana María Lasheras Aldaz

Pedro Leoz de Carlos

María Isabel Lerga Zarraluqui

María Mercedes Lizarraga Pérez

Olga Lizasoain Rumeu

Jesús Longares Alonso

María Jesús Martínez Goicoechea

Juan José Martínez Irujo

María Cristina Martínez Oharriz

María Belén Mendive Aspilche

Pablo Monedero Rodríguez

Concepción Naval Durán

Marta de María Oteiza Oteiza

Alejandro Pardo Fernández

Fernando Pardo Sánchez

Mª del Carmen Pérez de Zabalza Musquiz

Ana María Pérez Gutiérrez

Luis Alberto Pérez Mediavilla

Ana Isabel Pérez Valencia

Rafael Francisco Torres Sánchez

María José Urdánoz Zabalza

Palmira Velázquez Caballero

José Félix Villanueva Baquedano

Ana María Villanueva Eraso

Inmaculada Concepción Villar Goñi

María Luisa Villarroya Ros

María Mercedes Vizcay Alzueta

Maria Luisa Yarnoz Arrarás

Francisco Javier Zapatero Blanco

Francisco Javier Zubiaur Carreño