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"A core topic of the promptness in the beatification of John Paul II is the popular and spontaneous petition 'Saint now!', demanded after his death."

According to José Ramón Villar, theologian of the University of Navarra, "the proclamation of his sanctity will be a great good for the Church and for all humanity".

29/04/11 11:40
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José Ramón Villar. PHOTO: Manuel Castells

"One of the criteria that the Church has followed throughout history to officially proclaim a blessed or saint has been the recognition of his holiness by the Christian people. One core topic of the promptness with which the Church has proceeded to the beatification of John Paul II is precisely that popular and spontaneous petition that was heard after his death: 'Saint now!'". This is how José Ramón Villar, professor of the School of Theology at the University of Navarra, expressed himself on the occasion of the event that will take place in Rome this Sunday, May 1, and which is expected to be attended by more than a million people from all over the world.

According to the theologian, "the Church has taken this fact into account, along with many others. But it is evident that hundreds of thousands of voices have recognized in John Paul II a true witness of Christ, not only with his words, but also with his fidelity to God and to the Gospel".

Professor Villar recalled the "immense" bequest of John Paul II for the Catholic Church and contemporary history: "During his 27 years of pontificate, and in his 104 apostolic journeys, he met with crowds from 129 different countries, with representatives of all subject governments and religions, with people of various ideologies. His numerous documents, interventions, speeches, etc., in which he confirmed Christians in the faith and pointed out the great tasks of the Church: the transmission of the Gospel, the union of Christians and of all believers in God, are counted by the hundreds".

Great human issues in the public discussion

He also emphasized that John Paul II "brought to the public discussion the great questions of humanity: the defense of life, of justice and peace, of human rights, convinced that the cause of God and the cause of man go hand in hand. And always contemplating humanity and its problems from Jesus Christ, in whom the fullness of life for man has been revealed".

"It is not surprising, therefore," he said, "that the personality and message of John Paul II have found a strong resonance in the Church and in the hearts of countless people, believers and non-believers alike. The proclamation of his holiness will be a great good not only for the Church but for the whole of humanity, as a permanent report of the great works of God in history".