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DATAI researchers present the center's current events on Navarra Televisión

Rubén Armañanzas, researcher main line of digital medicine of the Institute of Science of the data and Artificial Intelligence (DATAI), and Marcos López, researcher biomedicine and student of doctorate, have participated in the SINAI space of the program 'Está Pasando' of Navarra Television to transfer to the audience the main lines of research of the institute, its current affairs and work with companies.

The SINAI Space is a section of ADItech within the program 'Está Pasando' of Navarra TV. The University of Navarra, being a SINAI agent and developing collaborative projects, has the opportunity to participate in this space thanks to the partnership with the ADItech foundation, which coordinates the Navarra System of research and development+i, SINAI and the dynamization of the relationship between science, technology and business in Navarra. On this occasion, DATAI has exposed its research and interdisciplinary activity and its transfer of knowledge.

In addition to the aforementioned researchers, Jesús López Fidalgo, director of DATAI; and Iván Cordón, director of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the center, also intervened from the center's headquarters.

You can see the complete program here.