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Eight FBA students present their project of consultancy service to committee of Saga Furs in Finland.

Within the Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA), students work on a project of consultancy service meeting the real needs of a business of the sector. The team that worked for Saga Furs has traveled to Finland to present their project to the company's committee .

29 | 06 | 2022

A few months ago, Laura Caamaño, Adriana Argal, Ángeles Barozzi, Mariona Juárez, Carla Bohórquez, Teresa Sierra, Eirini Pytianou and Vittorio Bertola, students of FBA 2022, received a briefing to make a project from consultancy service to Saga Furs. This company represents the most important leather auction house worldwide. "When it all started I was not a big fan of fur and now I am very grateful for everything I have learned. Ithas been a fascinating experience," commented Vittorio.

The historical relationship between Saga Furs and ISEM is historical, since they are business Chair since the beginning of this Business School. As every year, Julio Suarez, Business Director, Brands and International Producers of Saga Furs, hosted the ISEM team during their stay in Helsinki. The main goal of the trip was for the students to present their project to Saga's committee . "They gave us very positive feedback, several people came up to congratulate us in person and told us that they were totally in agreement with our approach and would like to implement it," Vittorio continues. 

But not only that. "For four days they showed us around their facilities, showed us how they classify and evaluate the skins and explained to us why natural leather is much more sustainable than any other alternative. Inaddition, we were lucky enough to attend a workshop in which they showed us how the skins are cut and sewn," explains Adriana Argal. "The Saga team was great with us, they showed us everything, every detail...", says Vittorio.

Saga Furs has a Creative Hub where they develop new techniques for brands to see the potential of the product. Its chief officer, Leena Harkimo, was the one who showed it to the students. The visit was completed with a class by Marika Peuhkuri-Grön on how they work on sustainability in this business in which many families have been working for generations and a visit to the storage plant with Axel, the chief engineer of the plant. Finally the students participated in a craft workshop with Victoria.

But Saga Furs was not satisfied with the trip being a professional experience and, to complete it, after presenting his project, Julio Suárez took the ISEM team to visit and enjoy the company's Summer House on the outskirts of the city. A place of traditional Finnish beauty, decorated by the Finnish designer Alvar Aalto, where they enjoyed the day.

An opportunity that they will always remember, as Adriana emphasizes: "What I liked most about the whole trip was being able to enjoy these days with my colleagues, the fact of being able to present a work to which we dedicated so much time to board Saga's board of directors was super comforting. In addition, the activities organized for us outside the business were amazing! Bathing in a lake after a good sauna, having a barbecue in the middle of the forest... I feel very lucky for this opportunity and for the colleagues who accompanied me on the trip, definitely an unforgettable experience".