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214 students start their programs of study at School de Medicina

The new students come from 18 different nationalities and 32 Spanish provinces.

29 | 08 | 2023

The School Medical School received on Monday, August 28, the 214 students who make up the LXX promotion. The new students come from 18 different nationalities such as Palestine, Switzerland, Peru, China, Belgium, Hungary, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Poland or France among others, and 32 Spanish provinces. Of these, 80 will take the Degree in Medicine + International Program. This is the fourth promotion since the implementation of the new Study program adapted to international standards and which has the International Quality Seal of the World Federation for Medical Education.

On their first day, the students participated in a workshop where different professors of the School introduced them to their university life. "Welcome to what will be your home for the next six years, which will undoubtedly mark your life," reminded Dr. Marta Ferrer, dean of the School through a video, as she participates these days in the congress European Medical Education held in Dundee, Scotland. "Here we do not want you to leave here just knowing Medicine, but we want you to be good doctors, those that you dream of being and for which you have started this degree program", she remarked. 

In the same vein, Dr. Gema Frühbeck, Vice-Dean of research and postgraduate program, reminded the new students of the leading role they have in their training as physicians: "Today begins that great dream, an adventure in which you are going to be the protagonists. We professors will always be there to help you acquire new knowledge and skills, but you will be the protagonists. Right now you are like diamonds in the rough and our mission statement will be to polish you so that you can shine like a well-set jewel, not for yourselves, but for the patients, their families and your colleagues".

For her part, Dr. Mar Cuadrado, who made her debut as Vice-Dean of Students, stressed the importance of work as a team and the advantages of mutual support, both academically and staff. She also encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunities offered by university life (such as sports clubs, the University choir and orchestra, the offers of volunteer activities...), while inviting them to support each other in their advisor, especially at the beginning of this new stage.

In addition, Dr. Juan Pons, coordinator of the first course, detailed to the students his role as link with academic staff and reviewed the main novelties of the calendar during the first weeks, as well as other practical issues.


Learning styles and methodologies 3.0

After a break to meet their advisors and listen to advice and tips from upperclassmen at roundtable, Dr. Cristina Carretero, from the Medical Education Unit, helped the new students determine their learning style staff in order to get the most out of each subject. "Knowing what you are like and how you study financial aid helps us professors to combine different methodologies to make your learning much more personalized, meaningful and deep".

In the afternoon, professors Pío and Pérez-Mediavilla introduced the students to the dynamics of the classes and the way of working as a team, which they will practice in the first subject, "From the molecule to the cell".