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NATO's challenges in the face of the Ukrainian war

Lieutenant General of the Atlantic Alliance, Luis Lanchares Dávila, gives a session to students of the University of Buenos Aires.

FotoManuelCastells/Lieutenant General Luis Lanchares, seated in the center, during the session he gave at the classroom Magna of the University of Navarra.

30 | 04 | 2024

NATO facing the challenges of the war in Ukraine. This is the degree scroll of the session given by the lieutenant general of the Spanish Army, Luis Lanchares Dávila, deputy commander of the NATO Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) to the students of the University of Navarra. The meeting was organized by the Security and Defense Club and took place at the classroom Magna of the academic center.

After reviewing some of the historical background showing the deterioration of Russia - NATO relations, Lieutenant General Lanchares presented the main measures adopted within the Alliance as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, both in the political and military fields, in order to avoid the extension of the conflict to its member countries, including a short-term forecast on the possible evolution of the conflict, depending on political, economic and military factors.

During his speech, NATO's top commander explained NATO's new strategic concept, the strengthening of the Alliance's deterrence and defense posture, the accession of Finland and Sweden, and possible future scenarios.

As a final message, Lanchares reaffirmed NATO's leadership in the defense of the Euro-Atlantic area , mentioning the main lines of action underway to guarantee the security of allied countries in the face of the current threats they are facing.

During his visit to the University of Navarra, the lieutenant general was accompanied by Francisco Germán Martínez Lozano, military commander of Navarra; the Associate Dean of Office of Academic Affairs and academic staff of the School of Law, Ángel Ruiz de Apodaca Espinosa; the professor of International Relations, Salvador Sánchez Tapia; the president of the Security and Defense Club, Jairo Císcar Ruiz, 6th year IR and History student at School of Law at the University of Navarra; and Paula Las Heras Martinicorena, 3rd year IR student, member of the club's board and incoming president of the club.