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Pablo Armendáriz, Carlota Ayensa and Gorka Fernández De Muniain, winners of the XIII Technical Drawing Olympiad of the University.

32 students from 12 educational centers participated in the competition organized by the School of Architecture

PhotoAnaBelén Poza
/From left to right, the award winners Gorka Fernández De Muniain, Pablo Armendáriz, Carlota Ayensa; the director of the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, Carlos Naya; and the high school San Francisco Javier-Jesuitas Tudela professor Emilio Pérez.

30 | 04 | 2024

result Pablo Armendáriz, from high school Irabia-Izaga (1st award) and Carlota Ayensa (2nd) and Gorka Fernández de Muniain (3rd), from high school San Francisco Javier-Jesuitas Tudela, have won the XIII edition of the Technical Drawing Olympics organized by the University of Navarra. School of Architecture of the University of Navarra.

submission The competition awards ceremony, in which a total of 32 students from 12 schools in Navarra participated, took place at School of Architecture, coinciding with the celebration of the IV National Competition Structures.

The competition consisted of three parts: in the first, the students answered questions subject test on metric geometry; in the second, they had to fill in three quick exercises; and in the last, they performed a more complex exercise on conic perspective.

The first winner, Pablo Armendáriz, 18, was one of the few to finish the third part of the test and that's why he saw himself among the five finalists, but not as a winner. "I found the first part quite difficult," he says. He is interested in studying engineering and assures that technical drawing is the subject he enjoys the most, "where classes become a break". "I like to see it in my head and then capture it. It was my initiative to participate in this Olympiad," says student from high school Irabia-Izaga.

The event also recognized high school San Francisco Javier-Jesuitas Tudela for having the largest issue of students with high marks in the Olympiad and for its high participation. The person in charge of collecting the award on behalf of the center educational was the teacher Emilio Perez.

The winners received a trophy designed and manufactured at School of Architecture, as well as a set of books on architecture and various merchandising items from the University of Navarra. 

submission XIII Technical Drawing Olympiad Awards Ceremony