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The group TriviUN signature a partnership agreement with Casa de Velázquez and Sorbonne University.

The three institutions want to consolidate links to advance the research around theatre, festivities and celebrations in the Golden Age.

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30 | 05 | 2022

The group TriviUN (Theatre, Literature and Visual Culture) of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra has signed a partnership agreement with the Casa de Velázquez and the University of the Sorbonne-Paris IV reference letter institutions of hispanism in France. Through this agreement, they will jointly develop the project "Panhispania festiva: celebración, patrimonio, mentalidades", with the goal of advancing in the research of theatrical and dance festivities in the pan-Hispanic sphere (Spain, America, Philippines) during the Modern Age (16th-18th centuries).

The project, coordinated by professors Miguel Zugasti, from the University of Navarra, and Florence d'Artois, from the Sorbonne-Paris, will last three years (2022-2024). During this period, several joint publications and activities will be developed, which will take place at the Madrid headquarters of the Casa de Velázquez.

During this time, various symposia are also planned, with themes ranging from theatre, festivals and dance to emblematic and ephemeral art. In addition, a summer school open to young graduates and doctoral students will be held in 2023, where the presentations of various lecturers and authorities at subject will enter into dialogue with the presentations of the young people enrolled in the course.

The first activity will take place on 29 and 30 June, at framework of the 5th international symposium of group TriviUN. Under the title degree scroll "Panhispania festiva (I): teatro, fasto y celebración en el Siglo de Oro", it will be held at the Casa de Velázquez and will be attended by some twenty researchers from different nationalities.