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Six doctoral students from the University present their thesis in the second edition of a workshop of the ICS and the research center I-Communitas, of the UPNA.

They are Cristina Bastidas, Juan Diego Molina, Ángela Abascal, Gabriela Pilar García Zavala, Teresa Reina and Dailey Fernández.

/Image of the II workshop for Students of doctorate organised by ICS and I-Communitas

30 | 05 | 2022

Six pre-doctoral researchers from the University of Navarra presented their thesis at the II workshop for Students of doctorate, organized by the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) and the Institute for Advanced Social Research (I-Communitas) of the Public University of Navarra (UPNA).

Cristina Bastidas Tinizaray presented 'DINARID: Narratives of Latin American Women in contexts of gender violence. Ethical and methodological aspects', degree scroll of the thesis that she is carrying out at the group 'Emotional culture and identityunder the direction of Inés Olza Moreno and Pablo Pérez López.

Juan Diego Molina Méndez, who also works at thesis at the ICS, presented 'Understanding current affairs in Colombia through the figure of Álvaro Uribe', directed by Pablo Pérez López

Ángela Abascal Imizcoz, PhD student in Architecture and collaborator at the Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) spoke about her research 'How do physical environment patterns relate to citizens' perception? A space-based urban deprivation score', directed by Ignacio Rodriguez Carreño and Luis Alberiko Gil Alaña.

Gabriela Pilar García Zavala, from School of Education and Psychology, presented 'Preliminary results of a longitudinal study on conflict and early deterioration of the quality of the couple relationship: an analysis based on commitment and beliefs about the relationship', work directed by Alfonso Osorio de Rebellón Yohn

Teresa Reina Uribe, from the School of Philosophy y Letras, spoke about 'Comisariado y Transición: metodología en cinco casos', thesis directed by Carlos Chocarro Bujanda and Nieves Acedo.

Dailey Fernández González, from the School of Philosophy y Letras, presented 'Arte Participativo y transformación social. Los Encuentros de Pamplona de 1972', work directed by Lourdes Flamarique and Nieves Acedo.