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The ISSA'97 graduating class celebrates its silver anniversary

The meeting Annual Alumni alumni was attended by around fifty people at Eva Enea, the former headquarters of the ISSA School of Applied Management in San Sebastian.

30 | 06 | 2022

"Thank you to all the people who make up ISSA for the mark you left on us 25 years ago, for the values you instilled in us, which we have kept in mind both in our working lives and at staff throughout these years". This is howRuth Berasategui, a student from the class that finished her programs of study at ISSA in 1997, concluded her speech during the annual graduates' meeting meeting held in San Sebastian on Saturday 18th June.

The meeting took place at the high school Mayor Jaizkibel (Eva Enea), the former headquarters of ISSA in the capital of San Sebastian, and was attended by around fifty people, including alumni, teachers and staff from the academic centre's services. Although special tribute was paid to the graduating class of 1997, the graduating classes of 1967, 1972, 1977, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007 were also invited.

During the ceremony, Antonio María Fernández, director of development of ISSA School of Applied Management, underlined the importance of alumni: "As president states, alumni are the raison d'être of the university. But you are also the report of the University of Navarra. Your experience, your memories and example not only inspire new generations of students, but also encourage those of us who are now part of the ISSA School of Applied Management to continue to live up to your goals".

The workshop began with the celebration of the Holy Mass by Don Rafael Hernández, chaplain of the centre until the headquarters settled in Pamplona in 2013, continued with the intervention of Blanca Torres, manager of Admissions Office of the centre, and concluded with the presentation of graduation sashes of honour to the class of 1997 and the traditional photo of group on the terrace of the building, overlooking the Playa de la Concha.

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