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"A leader is the one who rolls up his sleeves and rows with his team."

Last Friday took place the graduation of the XIX promotion of the Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA). The master class was given at position by Marcella Wartenbergh, CEO of group AWWG, who developed the idea of what it means to be a leader.

30 | 06 | 2022

After 9 months of study, cases, TFM, trips, changes to work and, above all, constantly leaving the comfort zone, the big moment arrived for the 55 students that make up the XIX FBA graduating class: their graduation. 

The atrium of the building welcomed family and friends who did not want to miss this moment, without masks, for the first time since before the pandemic began. At the academic table were Marcella Wartenbergh and professors Pedro spanish medical residency program, Silvia Pérez Bou and Mª Ángeles Burguera. 

The CEO of group AWWG wanted to share with attendees her experience in leading teams, something she had dreamed of since she was a child, although at the time she wasn't clear about which industry she wanted to work in. "You have chosen a very fun one: fashion, where change is always present." 

Wartenbergh encouraged the students to fight for what they want and to be inspirational to others when exercising their work: "A leader is the one who builds a dream and makes it come true. He must transmit a mission statement, a polar star". The speech was full of advice based on his own experience: Know how to listen to the opinions of others, seek the stability of group, recognize the talents of your team, work with passion, seek excellence... "I want to leave a bequest in my people, it is what gives meaning to my life and to my work (...) You must also find yours".

For their part, Ana Rus and Juanma Monrós pronounced the speech on behalf of the students and Professor Pedro spanish medical residency program dismissed them by encouraging them to "be grateful, kind, altruistic... it is profitable. Reputation is destroyed and built in the corridors".

At the end of the ceremony, as a farewell and before the classic Gaudeamus, a video message from Teresa Sabada -Dean of ISEM- was projected from Washington, which included some images summary of this course, taken during the trips to Paris, Milan and Helsinki. "I hope to see you all as Alumni when I return to Spain, happy with your professional career and very satisfied with your time at ISEM" .