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Ángel Zamora González de la Peña (DER'97), new president of board Alumni de Madrid

She replaces Isabel Ramis (COM'05 | MERC'21) who held the position since 2019.

30 | 11 | 2023

The board Alumni of Madrid now has a new president. Ángel Zamora González de la Peña (DER'97) takes the helm of this territorial grouping, replacing Isabel Ramis (COM'05 | MERC'21), who has held the position since 2019.

Alumni director , Íñigo Gutierrez (TECNUN'98 | PhD'04), welcomed the new president and thanked Isabel Ramis for her dedication to the Madrid alumni community over the past five years. Zamora González de la Peña takes over the baton "with enthusiasm to continue promoting activities and helping the alumni community in Madrid to continue growing," he explains. 

The new president is graduate in Law from the University of Navarra (1997) and PDG from IESE Business School (2007). He is currently partner of Zurbarán Abogados, in the department of Energy and Commercial Law. In addition, he is a professor of Commercial Law of the Master's Degree of Access to the Legal Profession of the School of Law of the University of Navarra. 

The board Alumni of Madrid is currently made up of the following members
- Ángel Zamora (DER'97| PDG'07)

- Santiago González-Enciso (DER'10 | MUDE'11).
- Joaquín Gordon (ECO'92, IESE'96)
- Juan Crespo (TECNUN'93 | IESE'97)
- David Trujillo (TECNUN'10 | IESE'19)
- Lucía Molina (BIO'02 | BQM'03)
- María Jesús Biechy (HUM'11 | IESE'02)
- Ana María Triguero (DER'92)
- Javier Schlatter (PhD'02)
- Carmen Bassy (COM'92)
- Fernanda Parias (COM'91)

Alumni Territorial Boards: what are they?

The Alumni Chapters or Territorial Alumni Boards are the points of connection between the University of Navarra and its alumni. They are made up, on a voluntary basis, of alumni committed to the University and are responsible for the coordination and management of activities in the different geographical areas both in Spain and abroad. 

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