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The Chair of language and Basque Culture of the University organises conference about Basque Pelota.

They will take place on 10 and 12 June in CIVICAN (Pamplona) and in the Navarrese town of Irurita.

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31 | 05 | 2022

The Chair of language and Basque Culture of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra has organised the conference "Basque Pelota: the heritage that unites us", with the goal of recognising this sport as an essential element of Basque culture, as well as a paradigm of social, educational and heritage values. The activity, which is free of charge, has the support of the Government of Navarre, sponsorship .

On Friday 10th, at 5.15 p.m., at the CIVICAN cultural centre (Pamplona), three conferences will be given on the history of Basque pelota; the architectural and social dimension of the pelota court; and the contribution of the first female raquetistas.

On Sunday 12th, the workshop will take place from 16:00 in the town of Irurita (Baztán), where those attending will be able to enjoy a pelota match, at the framework of the Laxoa Championship, between the Irurita Miguelene and Doneztebe Apeztegia teams. There will also be a session at position by Tiburcio Arraztoa, president of "Laxoa Elkartea", and a roundtable with the participation of Iñaki Escudero and Andrea Lusarreta, professional pelota players.

The conferences will be given at Spanish. The organisation will provide the public with a free bus, which will leave from the Pamplona Tennis Club on Sunday, 12th June, at 15:00. Places are limited. Those interested can confirm their registration at attendance before the 7th of June by emailing

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