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Alejandro Vigo, member of the scientific committee of a new international journal on Heidegger

He is researcher principal of the project 'Natural Law and Rationality internship' of Institute for Culture and Society and professor of Philosophy of the University

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The philosopher Alejandro Vigo. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
31/07/14 12:23 Isabel Solana

Alejandro Vigo, researcher main project 'Natural law and rationality internship ' of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) and professor of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra, has been appointed member of the scientific committee of Differenz, International Journal of Heideggerian programs of study and its contemporary derivations..

The new open access publication is edited by the Centro de programs of study Heideggerianos of the University of Seville and its aim is to mission statement stimulate, develop and publicize the work and research related to the work and figure of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger.

Articles: ten universities in three countries

A text by Professor Vigo, graduate Ontología, aleteiología y praxis , is available at issue cero, which was published online in July 2014.

The following articles complete the issue : The charisma of a young nonconformist professor: the strength and magic of "Being and time". (Jesús Adrián Escudero, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), From Heidegger to Corbin (José A. Antón Pacheco, University of Seville), The hand and the gaze (Félix Duque, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Encounters with Heidegger (Raúl Gabás, Autonomous University of Barcelona), My Semblance with Heidegger (Humberto González Galván, Universidad Autónoma de leave California Sur, Mexico), "Up there, in the wide proximity of all things". M. Heidegger's [Todtnauberg] Spacings. (César Moreno-Márquez, University of Seville), Thanks Heidegger (Hugo Mújica, Argentina), Protodecisions circa 1919. Martin Heidegger and the circle of Max Weber around the First World War (Patricio Peñalver, University of Murcia), On the path of phenomenology (Ramón Rodríguez, Complutense University of Madrid), Brief memory of Freiburg (Amador Vega, Universitat Pompeu Fabra), My way to Heidegger (Ángel Xolocotzi, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico) and Being is conversation. Residues, weak thinking and hermeneutics (Santiago Zabala, University of Barcelona).

Alejandro Vigo is graduate at Philosophy and PhD at Philosophy with accredited specialization in Philology Greek and Romanistics. He combines his work at the ICS with teaching and research at School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra. He has also worked at several universities in Argentina and Chile, including the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the University of the Andes (Chile). He has made stays of research at Universität Heidelberg (Germany), Universität Münster (Munster, Germany), Universität Luzern (Switzerland) and Universität Halle-Wittenberg (Germany).