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The University of Navarra, the most international of Spanish universities, according to CYD ranking

The Foundation knowledge and development ranks the University first in the fields of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing.


12 | 05 | 2021

The University of Navarra is first in Spain in "International Orientation", according to the eighth edition of the CYD ranking of the Foundation knowledge and development. The University obtains a high performance in all the indicators related to this area: its degrees in language abroad, the mobility and internships abroad of its students, the academic staff international, the thesis defended by foreign students and the international publications. According to the Vice President of International Office, María Pilar Lostao, "the first place in Spain in International Orientation recognizes the efforts of the University of Navarra in incorporating a global vision to its teaching and research, specified in the previous strategic project Horizon 2020".  

The University of Navarra also obtained fourth place in the area of Research. It does so thanks to its high performing in indicators related to attracting research funds, publications per lecturer, research impact, recognised doctoral degrees and postdoctoral studies.

According to this study of 37 academic performance indicators, the University of Navarra is the first private university and the third best in Spain in overall results. The University of Navarra obtains 26 indicators of higher relative performance, 6 of intermediate performance and 4 of reduced performance.

This year the CYD Foundation has also carried out an evaluation of the last five years of the ranking. In the 2016-2021 period, the University of Navarra is the second most improved university overall, behind the University of A Coruña and ahead of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Valladolid.

First in Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing
This year, the ranking has analysed in detail the areas linked to the health sector, in a year marked by the pandemic. Thus, the University of Navarra ranks first in the areas of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing. The ranking has evaluated these areas with 33 indicators of Teaching and Learning, Research, Transfer of knowledge, International Orientation and Contribution to the regional development . 

The CYD ranking is the one with the widest coverage and most indicators of those analysing Spanish universities, studying 89% of the universities, 48 public and 29 private. In the current edition, it has examined 27 areas of knowledge and 2,998 Degree and Master's degrees.                         

Navarra, Spain's leading university system
According to the study by the Foundation knowledge and development, the university system in Navarre leads the rest of the autonomous communities with the highest number of indicators high performing. It is followed by Catalonia, the Basque Country, Madrid and the Valencian Community. Navarra thus leads in three of the five areas analysed: Teaching and Learning, Research and International Orientation. It is also second in Transfer of knowledge.

The study, which can be consulted at and which offers relative indicators that analyse the efficiency of universities, aims to help students find their way when looking for a study centre and to offer strategic information to university management teams and public administrators.