Other endowments at the service of the University

There are many collaborators and benefactors of the University who each year lend their support to financial aid. Among others, there is the financial aidthat each year provides the endowment of the Fundación Universitaria de Navarra and that of the Fundación Manolita Usatorre, whose statutory purpose is to collaborate with the aims of the institution. The University Foundation of Navarra manages its own endowment, which in August 2021 amounted to €110.9m. During the academic year it has distributed €3.79m for the fulfilment of the University's aims .

The endowment is made up of different funds modulated for specific purposes (Alumni Scholarships, research, etc.) and a generic fund that meets the needs of the University without restriction as to destination. The criteria of managementand investment policy are similar to those of the endowment. The Manolita Usatorre Foundation, with an endowment of 11.45M€ helped with 386,000 euros for the scholarship programme of staffresearcher (doctoral students).