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Science takes to the streets for Environment Day

Pamplona Planetarium and University of Navarra, in partnership with the Mancomunidad and Life+Respira, organize workshops, games and exhibitions.

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01/06/17 13:27 Laura Juampérez

Next Saturday, June 3, science will take to the streets of Pamplona to celebrate International Environment Day with workshops at Education environmental workshops, exhibitions, games, information stands, films, etc.

The workshop -organized by the Pamplona Planetarium and the group of Environmental Volunteers of the University of Navarra, in partnership with Mancomunidad de Pamplona and project Life+Respira- will start at 10 a.m. in the esplanade of the Planetarium.

Specimens from the Museum of Natural Sciences -such as a golden eagle, a spider monkey or a reticulated python- and several thematic showcases on passive defense -protection strategies of animals such as the Greek turtle, the hedgehog fish or the armadillo- or on tracks and footprints -where the tracks left by a squirrel, for example, can be observed- will be exhibited until 2 pm.

At the same venue (in case of rain, the venue will be conference room Martín de Rada inside the Planetarium) there will be seven workshops oriented to the environmental Education that will propose to children to color elements related to the environment (and then take them home), observe with a magnifying glass small specimens of mollusks and insects and a workshop on the manufacture of toys with recycled material.

In addition, there will be seed germination workshops to show the energy consumption of different electrical appliances, proposals for recycling used oil -for example to make soap-, and a final table where Environmental Volunteers will show the operation of a hydrogen car, a real and non-polluting alternative to current fossil fuels.

Likewise, Mancomunidad de Pamplona will set up an information stand on the importance of the 5th container and will offer games for children, such as the corncob game. The project Life Respira, on the other hand, will show the pollutant meters that volunteer cyclists carry to measure pollution in the city, how they work, etc. Finally, the Pamplona Planetarium will show, at 5 p.m., the film Grandma Earth.