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The School of Theology celebrates the end of degree program act of 85 students of high school program and licentiate degree

Professor Juan Ignacio Ruiz Aldaz, patron of the graduating class, encouraged the recent graduates to always remember their School which is so proud of them.


01 | 06 | 2022

The School of Theology celebrated on Saturday 28th May the end of degree program ceremony for 85 of its students: 47 are part of the LIV promotion of licentiate degree in Theology and 38 of the LVI promotion of high school program in Theology.

Professor Francisco Varo, Associate Dean of the School, presided over the graduation ceremony and reminded the students that they have completed years in which they have put the instructions of their personality in all areas, necessary for any subsequent construction: "The integral training of the person, which is manifested in the uprightness of behaviour and in the study of the word of God".

"Between all of us (the teachers with their classes, the students with their study staff and the companions) we have been trying to ensure that the foundations of this construction are solid and provide the necessary stability in adversity," he said, stressing that "study is important, but the solidity is in Jesus".

Professor Juan Ignacio Ruiz Aldaz was the godfather chosen by the students of both graduating classes. A fact that he himself considered a great act of generosity sample : "The memory of your graduating class will be linked to particularly intense and endearing moments in my biography, so my debt of gratitude to you is multiplied by several times".

He also congratulated the new graduates and told them that God willing this new time that they are now beginning "will be very fruitful and that we will be able to meet again many times and remember these magnificent years spent at the University. And in the meantime, always remember this School which is so proud of you".

Representing the students were Erick Fernando Alvarado, student of high school program in Theology and delegate of School, and Pedro Antonio Martínez Mena, subdelegate of School. Both thanked God, the teachers, the staff administrative staff, the directors of the residences, the benefactors of CARF and their families for their unconditional support to successfully complete their studies programs of study.