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2022_07_01 Faculty Right

"We have to dream of the School we want in 10 years' time".

The new dean Mercedes Galán presided over the last senate of the year

PhotoManuelCastells/Mercedes Galán, new dean of the University's Law Department School .

01 | 07 | 2022

"We have to dream of the School we want in 10 years' time". The dean of the School Law School, Mercedes Galán, chaired the last School faculty meeting of this academic year. Mercedes Galán encouraged all those present, teachers and staff administration and services to develop ambitious projects and have high goals that allow the School of Law to continue to grow. 

The dean took the opportunity to thank the commitment, the work and the effort of all the professionals who work at the School and she called for the promotion of quality professor and research "with a focus". "We must develop lines of research with which the School can be recognised in the long term deadline", she urged.  

Professors and staff of administration and services knew first hand the most recent data of Admissions Office for the next course in Degree and Master's Degree; the events that are being prepared to celebrate the 70th anniversary and also the 10 years of the programmes Master's Degree in Madrid, at the beginning of the next course; and the different projects in which the School is immersed: Master's Degree in Digital Law, which is graduating its first class this academic year; Master's Degree in Family Law, which is to be launched for the 2023-24 academic year; and the higher training programmes to be launched next academic year at campus in Madrid in Renewable Energy Law and Business Restructuring. 

The meeting with teachers and staff also served as a farewell act for the previous Dean, Jorge Noval, who is leaving position after nine years. "I would like to thank you all for your work and your dedication to carry out the projects of the School", he said.

Jorge Noval stressed that School is at a time of change, "a time to dream. We must continue to aspire to be at the forefront. The teaching and research are the challenges ahead of us," he concluded.

The meeting then continued at the Castillo de Javier, where a mass was celebrated in the Basilica and a meal, which was also attended by some former teachers of the School.