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Maider Erice: "Thanks to the Talento Deportivo program I can combine training with classes".

First-year nursing student practices 'sokatira' while studying at university

/Maider Erice

03 | 04 | 2023

Maider Erice, a first-year nursing student, has been practicing sokatira (a sport that consists of pulling on a rope and taking the rival team to your field) since fourth grade: "I followed in the footsteps of my brother, who also practiced it," and now that she is at the University of Navarra "I can combine classes and training -four days a week, she adds- thanks to the Sports Talentprogram". This program, in coordination with the different Schools, offers an integralattendance to student , accompanying him in the improvement of his development professional, academic, sports and staff, so that he can successfully combine the academic load with the competition sports internship .

In most cases, making a university degree program compatible with the sports internship of high performing is not easy, but the University provides the means to make it easier: "recently they were able to reschedule a partial because I had to train, I am grateful for all the support, and it is a program that I recommend to all students who do some competitive sport.

A native of Osácar, a small town in Navarra, has recently traveled to the north of Ireland, specifically to Parkgate, to compete with his team in the U23 World Championship. And they have result been the best "we were first in the women's competition and second in mixed, we are very happy". And they are already preparing the next competition that will take place in February 2024 in Sweden.

When asked how she envisions herself in the future as a nurse, she replies that "I would like to continue practicing this sport at the same time that I practice my profession". 

Maider, in a moment of a competition, fourth from the left in the sokatira.