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Six University graduates receive scholarships from the regional government for international internships

Algeria, Nepal, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom and Norway are the countries where the six Navarrese are training and living a new experience.

FotoCedida/JuanVicente de Miguel, graduate in Biology and Environmental Sciences, is doing an internship collaborating with groups from research of the UiT-The Arctic University of Norway (Norway).

03 | 05 | 2024

From Nepal to Sierra Leone, passing through Norway, six graduates of the University of Navarra, with scholarships from the Government of Navarra, are doing international internships. They are doing so in non-EU countries thanks to a program of training framed in the PIN 4 International Plan, aimed at recent graduates linked to Navarra.

They are Asier Aldea Esnaola, graduate in Journalism and neighbor of Burlada, who is in Algeria; Ekhiñe Oroz Torrea, graduated in Medicine and native of Lintzoain, who is in Sierra Leone; Rose Ordoki Guarch, from Pamplona, graduated in Law, who continues her training in Nepal; the graduates of Biochemistry Pablo Elizalde García, from Burlada, and Laura Martín Castilla, from Mendillorri, who are in the United Kingdom; and Juan Vicente de Miguel, from Pamplona, graduate inBiology and Environmental Sciences, in Norway.

Journalist Asier Aldea is doing his internship in the Sahrawi Refugee Camp in Tindouf (Algeria): "I support the communication of the Sahrawi Refugee Workers and Technicians without Borders (TWTB). association Workers and Technicians without Borderswhich operates in the refugee camps in the area". Since he discovered this scholarship a year ago, he has been working to get it. "I consider it core topic for my journalistic training to understand how the world works and being able to discover it on the ground is a privilege," he adds.

Asier Aldea

Also in Africa, but in Sierra Leone, is Ekhiñe Oroz, who provides support at area mother and child of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Clinic. "It has been a very intense experience because we serve the poorest population in one of the poorest countries in the world," she says. "This scholarship means being able to continue with my training on tropical diseases, in addition to the satisfaction of feeling that the effort involved in coming here is valued," says the doctor.

Ekhiñe Oroz

From the SOS Himalayan Foundation to Arctic ecosystems

If we travel to Asia, we meet lawyer Rose Ordoki, who collaborates with the Iñaki Ochoa Olza SOS Himalaya Foundation. Iñaki Ochoa de Olza SOS Himalaya Foundation in Nepal. in Nepal. "I accompany girls in the NGO and also support them with audits. I will make the most of every day of this scholarship. Nepal is wonderful," she says.

Rose Ordoki

Pablo Elizalde and Laura Martín are located at Quadram Institutea research center in Norwich, where they learn different techniques from laboratory. "In addition to the academic field, I will be able to grow in the staff, since leaving the comfort zone is always complicated," adds Laura Martín. For his part, Pablo Elizalde assures that the scholarship allows him to continue training as a scientist, and also to improve his level of English.

Pablo Elizalde and Laura Martín

In Norway, Juan Vicente de Miguel is an intern at the Arctic Marine System Ecology (AMSE) Research Group of the UiT-The Arctic University of Norway. UiT-The Arctic University of Norway. He is involved in projects that focus on the effects of climate change, pollution, and nutrient and energy flux on coastal ecosystems in and around Tromsø. He is clear about what he wants to do in the future: "I would like to be researcher. I have really enjoyed doing the two Final Projects Degree, one of which I did in Norway".

Juan Vicente de Miguel

Graduates who take advantage of this scholarship search for a placement beforehand, with the support of the University's Internship Service and employment and its School. "I had a hard time finding and closing the internship, so it was a great joy to be granted the scholarship. It is very gratifying that the Government of Navarra supports this subject of initiatives focused on having the best training possible", comments Juan Vicente.