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Death of Alicia Ederra, professor emeritus of the School of Sciences of the University of Chile.

professor of 40 graduating classes of Biology and Pharmacy students, she was director of department Botany.

/Alicia Ederra, in an image from file.

03 | 07 | 2023

Alicia Ederra Induráin, professor emeritus of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, died yesterday in Pamplona. Alicia Ederra, a native of the capital of Navarre (1952), was the mother of two children. professor of 40 promotions of Biology and Pharmacy students, was director of the department of Botany (1996-2002) and professor and researcher at department of Environmental Biology of the same university. 

Alicia Ederra graduated in Biological Sciences in 1974 and defended her doctoral thesis , on the bryophytes of the beech forests of Navarra, in the 1982-83 academic year. In 1992 she obtained the degree scroll degree in Environmental Engineering at the Escuela de Organización Industrial in Madrid.

He did his teaching and research in Botany and in the area of bryophytes (non-vascular plants such as mosses). Throughout his career, he directed eight doctoral thesis and published 71 scientific articles and seven books, including Applied Environmental Botany: plants and the ecological balance of our land, Iberian Bryophytic Flora, Contributions to the bryological flora of Navarra (Spain) or Fungal flora of the Navarrese formations of Pinus sylvestris L.

Alicia Ederra also participated in 14 projects of research. She was a promoter and member of the managing board and later treasurer of the board board of the Spanish Society of Bryology and member of six other scientific societies.