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Back to 20040903Una graduada en Química por la Universidad de Navarra obtiene una beca del CSIC

A graduate of Chemistry from the University obtains an scholarship from the CSIC.

03/09/04 18:56

Ester Gómez Arranz, a graduate in Chemistry from the University of Navarra, has obtained a scholarship from committee Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in the area of Chemical Science and Technology, for the second consecutive year. The graduate is doing a project related to the development of analytical methods in the department of Instrumental Analysis of the high school of Chemistry General Organic, in Madrid.

The scholarship has as goal to introduce students and graduates to the field of research and familiarize them with the processes to perform such programs of study. The fellows join a group of research, where they perform work and learn how to use high-tech devices.

At the end of the period of the scholarship at CSIC, Ester Gómez will return to Pamplona and will join the courses of doctorate of the University of Navarra to prepare her thesis in the area of the Chemistry analytical , in the department of Chemistry and Edaphology.