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The University launches a free digital version of the Gospels on the 50th anniversary of the School of Theology.

The document weighs 1.4MB and can be downloaded from iTunes iBooks, Google Play Books and Amazon Kindle.

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03/10/17 10:10 Chus Cantalapiedra

The School of Theology and the publishing house of the University of Navarra (EUNSA) have launched a free digital version of the Gospels on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the launching of the 50th anniversary of the launching of the School of Theology, which will be celebrated on Friday, October 6. With this edition, available in Spanish and Latin American versions, "we want to support the desire of Pope Francis that Catholics carry the Gospel in their pockets and read it daily," says the Dean of the School of Theology, Juan Chapa.

Bishop Fernando Ocáriz, Chancellor of the University, recalls in the prologue that "the reading of the Holy Gospel constitutes an essential source for the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the center of Christian existence, and a primordial activity to root the spiritual life in his Person".

Navigation through the digital document is very simple and can be found at download on file of 1.4MB from the main platforms: iTunes iBooks, Google Play Books and Amazon Kindle. It contains 2,689 internal links, as well as 443 commentaries and two maps, which allow to understand the central message of each passage and the purpose of the sacred authors.

The digital edition of the Holy Bible, from which the Gospels have been extracted, is translated from the original texts, following the guidelines of the Second Vatican Council (Dei Verbum, issue 22). The paper version was published in different editions between 1997 and 2004.

Dialogue between theology and university

Professor Juan Chapa emphasizes that the launching of these Gospels in digital format is sample of the evolution of the center over the past 50 years. He recalls that when in 1967 St. Josemaría Escrivá decided to create School at the University of Navarra, he had in mind the role that theology should play in the university.

In this sense, Juan Chapa assures that "theology as a science has a university vocation. On the occasion of this anniversary we will celebrate a symposium on 'Theology and University'. with which we want to contribute to the dialogue between faith and reason, which must be present in every true university institution. Offering an edition of the Gospels free of charge is also an invitation to continue this dialogue. It means that we cannot do without the event that has marked the history and the development of humanity. The figure of Jesus Christ, whose life and teaching are found in the Gospels, not only gives meaning to the lives of many, but also responds to the deepest aspirations of the human soul".

Last year, the School de Teología and EUNSA published the digital edition of the Bible with extensive introductions and notes.

The Gospels are now available on the following platforms:

         Spanish version

       Latin American version

Apple iTunes iBooks

Apple iTunes iBooks

Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle