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Four alumni from the School of Education and Psychology promote a competition to promote written expression.

They are Raúl Tejada, Marian Rodríguez and Carmen Melendo, teachers at the British School of Navarra.


04 | 03 | 2024

Raúl Tejada, Marian Rodríguez and Carmen Melendo have been colleagues in the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra, and their degree program in the professional world has led them to be also in the British School of Navarra, where they have been teachers for four, three and two years respectively. 

Specifically, Raúl studied Teaching at Education Primary, Marian Rodríguez, the Double Degree in Pedagogy and Teaching at Education Primary, and Carmen Melendo, who first studied the Degree in Teaching at Education Primary and then the Degree in Psychology

With the support of the direction of the center, they promoted the "1º competition Literary. Rincones Morales y la Picardía de la Amistad. competition Lazarillo de Torres", a literary event aimed at high school and college students. high school diploma from the center educational. "The initiative came about after thinking of ways to share the skills of our student body. In addition, this project has given us the possibility to encourage creativity and literary expression among students, promoting creative writing," comments Raúl Tejada, Head of Spanish and IT Manager at high school.

This competition had two professors from the University of Navarra as part of the jury: Sara Ibarrola, professor of Didactics of the Spanish language of the School of Education and Psychology and Miriam del Río, professor of Master's Degree at academic staff. For Ibarrola, this subject of initiatives that encourage written expression "create a context in which students feel like writers." This, she adds, makes them financial aid more aware of how they can develop this skill just like reading comprehension (reading) or listening (listening) and speaking (speaking). They have the opportunity to write in order to share and experience how others learn and enjoy what they have written. 

The students had to create stories around the topic theme of friendship and moral conflicts. "This also leads them to deepen their reflection on values because they create characters who live situations and dilemmas in which they must make good decisions. This process leads them to ask themselves questions , favoring citizenship skill as well as linguistics," says Sara Ibarrola.

This is the first time that this initiative subject has been carried out. Tejada assures that many students have lost "the fear of writing", and are more confident when facing a essay. On the other hand, he adds that "others have also discovered talents that they did not know before, it has been very gratifying to witness". As for the academic aspects, Tejada highlights the relationship that has been established between student body from different courses, "improving the community atmosphere at high school" and does not rule out repeating this experience in the future.