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Tecnun celebrates the ceremony of submission of Diplomas and Imposition of Birretes in the Kursaal

The end of a stage for 195 pupils from Degree and 54 students from Master's Degree

PhotoRaquelArilla/Students from 11 Degrees and 3 master's degrees receive the diploma and biretta, marking the end of their time at university.

04 | 06 | 2022

submission On 4 June, Tecnun held the ceremony for the awarding of diplomas and birettas at the Kursaal auditorium with a total of 195 students from Degree and 54 from Master's Degree. The course delegates, Ana Grajal and Juan Victor Villegas, gave a speech speech on behalf of their classmates of the class of 2022: "It all started on a very hot day, in the zero course of 2018. Four years later we can say that we have lived wonderful moments, but also very hard moments, with a lot of effort. We take with us sincere relationships, based on affection and candidates to be for life, and we leave with the necessary tools to be able to move forward".

The students, in their 4th year of Industrial Technologies Engineering and Industrial Organisation Engineering respectively, thanked the lecturers and all those who make up Tecnun for the attention and the predisposition they have always felt.

Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz, Vice President of academic staff of the University of Navarra, presided over the event. He was joined by Raúl Antón, director of Tecnun; Jorge Juan Gil, Deputy Director of Alumni; Francisco José Planes, Deputy Director of research; Iñigo Gutiérrez, director of development, Marta Ormazábal, deputy director of Office of Academic Affairs, and the director of Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, Noemí Pérez .

The director of development, Iñigo Gutiérrez, stressed his pride in the new batch of engineers. " We are proud of you, of everything you have done and, above all, of everything you have yet to do", he acknowledged.

Noemí Pérez gave way to the presentation of birettas with a message to the students: "I hope that you will take the know-how and know-how that you have learnt over the years everywhere you go". The delegate of Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, Javier Unamuno, also took to the lectern and stressed that "although at Tecnun they don't give you anything for free, all the effort has been worth it". Before the gaze of his classmates, he said that "today marks the end of the most important stage in the process of becoming adults, because we are now going out into the job market". He also thanked the school for "being a big family and not just any university".

The Vice President of academic staff, Pablo Sánchez-Ostiz, ended the event by encouraging the students to learn from both failures and successes, "without taking them as definitive, because the important thing is the service you will provide to society with your profession".

submission Act of Diplomas and Imposition of Birrets