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Elías Ayala Juárez, Díaz / Rojo Arquitectos and Batlleiroig, winners of the Edifica Awards 2023

The competition, which rewards conscientious construction, was organized by the Passivhaus Consortium and the School of Architecture

FotoCedida/Imageof project winner of award scholarship Edifica, 'INSTANT PLUG', by Elías Ayala Juárez

04 | 07 | 2023

Elías Ayala Juárez, from the School of Architecture of the University of Málaga, has been awarded the award scholarship Edifica in the competition organized by the Passivhaus Consortium and the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. The award consists of a scholarship for the Master's Degree in Architecture and Sustainability of the University of Navarra.

The project presented by the architect was 'INSTANT PLUG'. The jury highlighted that it is a work "propositive, adaptable to different scenarios, which addresses issues such as industrialization or construction with wood deepening to the definition of different construction details and a catalog of different spaces that adapt to the same module. It highlights the brilliance of the exhibition, considering that the scholarship can help to form a student with great capacity and potential of development".

In addition, the jury decided to award two mentions: to project 'Conservación y update de viviendas energéticamente obsoletas', by Alberto Bolaños Bañales (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid); and to 'Reivindicar el lucernario', by Valentina Corona Henriques (Universidad de Navarra).

The award scholarship Edifica is aimed at final year Architecture students from all over Spain who develop their work Final Project Degree with a marked character of design committed to sustainability and low environmental impact. The selected proposal is aligned with the values of conscious construction promoted by the Passivhaus Consortium.

Awards for professionals

In addition to the award scholarship Edifica, the competition has the Edifica Professional Awards, which are aimed at professionals in the architecture sector nationwide. These awards are divided into two categories: award Edifica Rehabilitation and award Edifica New Construction. Each one carries a €3,000 award , diploma, diffusion in the Edifica 2022-2023 Awards Competition and participation in Edifica 2023.

The jury has awarded the award Edifica Rehabilitación to project 'Rehabilitación Enerphit en c/Cartagena 50 de Madrid', by Diaz / Rojo Architects. It has highlighted among its virtues "the scale (21 dwellings), the result obtained (EnerPHit) and the change of use (from tertiary to residential) including the measures used, being useful as an example of action to be developed in our cities".

The award Edifica Obra Nueva has been awarded to the project 'Entegra Offices in Barcelona', by Batlleiroig Arquitectura. "The good use of different passive strategies stands out. Aesthetics follows function in search of the users' wellbeing, with the use of setbacks for better solar protection, vegetation or the use of carbonized wood on the façade, being also the first Cycling Friendly building in Europe", the jury valued.

In this category, two mentions were also awarded: one to project 'SMART 22@', by GCA Architectsand the other to 'Centro integral del transporte de metro de Madrid (CIT)', by Nexo Arquitectura, Gutiérrez-delaFuente Architects y Andrés Perea Arquitecto.

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