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The comic, topic of a summer course of the universities of Navarre

The activity, which coincided with the celebration of the Navarra Comic Fair, featured artists such as Javier de Isusi and Agustín Ferrer.

FotoConchaM. Pasamar/Image of one of the sessions that took place at framework of the course.

17 | 09 | 2022

Comics, also known as "ninth art", have become widespread beyond the children's audience with which they have long been associated. They tell stories, have their own aesthetic and linguistic forms and approach two of the pillars of culture and collective identity: history and literature.

Coinciding with the celebration of the Navarra Comic Fair, the summer course"Storytelling with vignettes: history, literature, comics", sponsored by the Government of Navarra and organized by the University of Navarra, took place from September 15 to 17. With the help of specialists in history and literature, authors and scriptwriters of the genre, the more than 30 participants were able to learn how the comic has managed to appropriate historical and literary stories, interact with them from their own parameters and become an instrument of knowledge dissemination, knowledge, criticism and teaching.

Among the speakers at the course were Javier de Isusi, award Nacional del Cómic 2020 and award Euskadi de Literatura in the category of Illustration of Literary Work 2021; Agustín Ferrer, winner of the award for Best Script at the Donostia International Comic Fair (2018) or Best National Work at the Zaragoza Comic Fair (2019), among others; Alberto Albarrán, illustrator and head of the department of Image and design of the School of Art and Superior School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage of Ávila; or Javier Pérez Zabalza and Alberto Rodríguez, directors of the Navarra Comic Fair.