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120 students from 9 universities participate in congress UNMUN

The meeting that takes place at the University imitates the model internal organization and debates of the UN.

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05/02/16 11:19 Blanca Rodriguez

120 students from 9 universities participate in the model of the United Nations of the University of Navarra (UNMUN), a congress created by and for students that imitates the model internal organization and debates of the UN.

The opening ceremony was attended by Javier García de Viedma, General Director of the United Nations and Global Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Deputy Director ; and Alejandro Piquer Santiago, UNMUN University Secretary .

"You are going to represent something that happens in reality," said the UN general Deputy Director . "Your is to learn and believe in what you are doing. Your goal is to learn and believe in what you are doing. These days you will live the model of diplomacy, which is a model of life".

Javier García de Viedma explained the inner workings of the UN, its history and recommended to the students attitudes used in diplomacy so that they could apply it in the conference. Thus, he insisted that "we must be what we are; build bridges without arrogance and listening to others; have a political will of initiative and creativity; form a great team; and fight for every vote, because no one is worse than another".

Over the course of three days, students will take on the role of diplomats representing a state or nation and analyze international policy issues organized into five committees: General Assembly, Security Council, Ecosoc, UNESCO and WHO. After defending solutions to various problems, on the last day of congress participants will be asked to make a resolution.

Among the activities will be 'Disarmament and arms control at framework of the United Nations', which will be given by Vicente Garrido, member of the United Nations Advisory Committee on Disarmament Matters ( board ).

The students come from: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, University of Florida, Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Universidad de Zaragoza and Universidad de Navarra.

This subject of congresses, which are based on the methodology of work of the United Nations, are held annually in prestigious international university centers and are becoming increasingly popular among Spanish students.