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The classroom part of Master's Degree of Marriage and Family course 22-23 is finished.

The Master's Degree stresses the need to strengthen family ties in today's individualistic society.

05 | 06 | 2023

June 15 marked the end of the two weeks of on-site classes for the 2022-2023 academic year, which began on June 5. During those two weeks, the student body of the first and second year of the Master's Degree Marriage and Familyenjoyed a program at Campus in Pamplona at the University of Navarra that focused on the theme of strengthening bonds in the family. The sessions were intended to provide new lights, knowledge and tools to face, staff and professionally, the current challenges faced by families today to strengthen these ties.

More than 30 speakers of recognized prestige and value in their professional area , who work in the strengthening of bonds, delved into this issue from three integrating perspectives ( staff, dyadic and community) and from different methodologies, such as conferences, debates, discussions, round tables, case studies, talks or the viewing of videos. The character multidisciplinary that the programs of study has in the Master's Degree of Marriage and Family and the face-to-face one in particular, the theme of strengthening bonds in the family sought to relate theory with the internship to respond to the surrounding social demands. Parallel sessions were planned for the first and second year student body , linked to common meetings of both groups, designed to train in the strengthening of bonds in matters of special social relevance. For this reason, student body witnessed the harmonious combination of content approached from different academic disciplines, such as Education, medicine, architecture, Philosophy, psychology, theology, law, ethics, or communication.

Through the attendance to the classes and the intense coexistence with classmates, the student body enjoyed the academic environment, the facilities of the campus in Pamplona and the services offered by the University of Navarra. A unique time and space was shared, which fostered an authentic sense of belonging to group and programs of study, further intensified the personal relationships forged during the course, and strengthened the bonds between academic staff and student body.