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31 University students will do internships at embassies and consulates this summer

The students have been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) and will carry out internships in cities such as Miami, Amsterdam, Shanghai, New York and Paris.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
05/07/19 14:28 Beatriz Diaz

Training in a foreign country is often one of the most important requirements for companies when selecting a candidate. This summer, 31 students from the University of Navarra will be doing an internship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), more than in previous years.which is more than in previous years.

The MAEC publishes three calls for internship offers every year in its representations abroad and its central services. The 31 students who will do their internships this summer will be trained in embassies in the cities of Oslo (Norway), Sofia (Bulgaria), Yaoundé (Cameroon), Beirut (Lebanon), Maputo (Mozambique) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic); and in consulates general in cities such as Agadir (Morocco), Miami (United States), Montevideo (Uruguay), Shanghai (China), New York (United States) or Cape Town (South Africa), among others.

Two of the selected students have already started their internship experience. Alexia Tefel Escuderoa student of the 1st year of the Degree at Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the University of School of Philosophy and Letters traveled to Florida (USA) in early June for an internship at the Consulate General in Miami. "Professionally, I am meeting many people who have been totally willing to help me grow in this field; and, personally, it has been a challenge because of the fact of doing internships abroad, which financial aid me to grow as a person and adapt to different cultures. In addition, I have been able to get to know the values and ways of working in the diplomatic world. These internships really give us the opportunity to expand our horizons from an earlyage," says Alexia Tefel, who will remain at the Consulate General in Miami until the end of August.

Alexia Tefel

Iranzu Artaso Andrés, a 4th year student of the double degree in Business Administration and Law, is in the French capital. Degree double degree in Business Administration and Law, who has been doing her internship at the Paris consulate since the beginning of June. "I am in the Departments of Civil Registration and Nationality , so it is very related to what I studied in Civil Law I on the degree program. I decided to do the internship at the Paris Consulate because I want to know how the diplomatic world works and because of the city, because I love it. Besides, I can practice my French and meet new people".

Iranzu Artaso Andrés

Who can apply for a internship opportunities of the MAEC?

The MAEC internship offers are open to anyone studying at a Spanish university with which the Ministry has agreement, as is the case of the University of Navarra.

Students must be enrolled in the course that corresponds to the call and in the Study program required in the place or the places for which they wish to apply. If during the course of the call all the credits of the Study program are passed and the processing and issuance of the university degree scroll is initiated, the internship cannot be carried out. To be eligible for these offers, the student must not have previously completed an extracurricular internship linked to the same Study program. And, finally, the specific requirements (languages, IT...) established by the MAEC for the offers must be complied with.

Career Services publishes offers in the Portal Career Services publishes the offers on theIt receives applications from interested students, selects up to a maximum of 3 candidates per place and sends them to the MAEC, from where they make the selection final.

In total, the MAEC offers three internships:

  • First semester: October 1 to January 31 (publication of the offer approximately in April).
  • Second semester: February 1 to May 31 (publication of the offer approximately in September).
  • Summer internships: July 1 to September 30 (offer published approximately in February).