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The group TriviUN organizes an international colloquium in Madrid around the historical Spanish dance.

partnership of the Sorbonne University and Casa Velázquez.


The group TriviUN of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University has organized in Madrid the colloquium International "Dancing to the ends of the empire (XV-XVIII centuries)", in partnership with the Sorbonne University and the Casa de Velázquez, where the meeting took place.

On June 26 and 27, some twenty experts gave lectures on historical Spanish dance (15th-18th centuries). They highlighted the wide diffusion of Hispanic dance and choreographic forms in Europe and overseas territories, which in turn benefited from the contributions of Native Americans and Europeans.

The colloquium was part of the joint project "Panhispania festiva: celebración, patrimonio, mentalidades", coordinated by Professor Miguel Zugasti, director of group TriviUN, and Florence d'Artois, of the Sorbonne, which will run from 2022-2024. It was the second meeting of a series of four that will take place at the Madrid headquarters of the Casa de Velázquez and will culminate in several scientific publications.