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Four biochemists by the University in the top 10 of biochemistry residency program 2018

Iñaki Ortiz de Landázuri, Jon Sánchez Munárriz, Javier Gil and Marta Iturralde have obtained positions 1, 6, 7 and 9, respectively.

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Iñaki Ortiz de Landázuri, Jon Sánchez Munárriz, Javier Gil and Marta Iturralde.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
06/03/18 14:42 Laura Juampérez

Graduates in Biochemistry by the University of Navarra Iñaki Ortiz de Landázuri Pascal, Jon Sánchez Munárriz, Javier Gil Etayo and Marta Iturralde Ros -all of them natives of Pamplona- have obtained positions 1, 6 7 and 9, respectively, in the exam for Biólogo Interno Residente (biochemistry residency program) 2018, which allows them to opt for one of the 42 places of training that are offered in hospitals throughout Spain.

In the case of Iñaki, who finished the Degree of Biochemistry in the School of Sciences in May 2017, this result has been a real surprise: "I have been preparing the test since San Fermin, without resting except on Sundays; with eight hours of study in the mornings and three of class in the afternoons at the academy; without stopping even at Christmas. It's hard, to be honest," he says. Although he recognizes that he was doing well on the exam, the test was complicated for him: "I left with the feeling that I would get place, but in no case that I would be the first," he says.

This recently graduate, the issue one of Spain in the test, had thought about doing the biochemistry residency program since first of degree program: "Then, when doing the work Fin de Degree in a laboratory of the research center Applied Medicine (CIMA), I also liked the research. I hesitated a lot. But when I made up my mind, I went for it."

He now hopes to do the specialization program in Immunology: "The Clínica Universidad de Navarra is my first choice because they are leaders in this field. I also liked Microbiology very much, but I consider it to be a more established area . Immunology, it seems, is going to be a field from which treatments that will revolutionize the approach to cancer in the coming years may come," says the man from Pamplona.

The most "coveted" specialties

Jon Sánchez Munárriz -who finished Biochemistry in the 2012-13 course- has reached the position issue 6; while Javier Gil Etayo, also from Pamplona and graduate in Biochemistry 2016-17, has obtained the seventh best result. As for the specialization program he would like to do, he also opts for Immunology: "It is my option issue one from the beginning", he confirms. He also did not expect to achieve such an outstanding position, issue 7, in a test to which more than 750 graduates from all over Spain applied.

In total, the positions offered are distributed in four specialties: Clinical Analysis (10), Biochemistry clinical (11), Immunology (14) and Microbiology and Parasitology (7). 

Marta Iturralde -also from Pamplona and Biochemistry of the 2015-16 promotion- applied to the test last year and did not obtain place, but this year she has reached the position issue 9: "I would like to enter Microbiology or Clinical Analysis. For me, the results have been very unexpected. In fact, I was not happy with the test, until it was confirmed that the list was running and then I was more aware that I could get place. Of course, the ninth represents a award for all this effort," she says. In his case, he is especially grateful for the training received at the BIRFIRPlus academy, located in the capital of Navarra.