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"It will take all the diplomatic engineering to try to reach a agreement with Palestine, because Israel cannot maintain the unilateral path."

Diplomat Bernardino León explained at the University of Navarra that any solution in the Middle East must follow the rules of International Law.

PhotoManuelCastells/Bernardino León, during the session he gave at the University on the occasion of the Middle East Summit.

"All diplomatic engineering will be necessary to try to reach a agreement with Palestine, because Israel cannot maintain the unilateral way". The diplomat and former director of the Diplomatic School of Abu Dhabi, Bernardino León, wanted to explain to the students of International Relations some keys to understand the negotiations that have taken place in history to try to solve the conflict in the Middle East. According to him, any solution to achieve stability in the region must follow the rules of International Law. 

With the degree scroll, "Negotiation and diplomacy for peace between Israel and Palestine", Bernardino León was the protagonist of the second session of the Middle East Summit, a forum promoted by the School of Law in which experts and professionals have analyzed the geopolitical, social and economic status of the region. The diplomat explained the main conflicts that have shaken the region over the last 75 years and the context in which negotiations have taken place to try to achieve lasting peace and stability. 

Bernardino León anticipated some keys to understand the development of a negotiation at the present time, in view of a possible cease-fire that could be decreed with the beginning of Ramadan, next March 11. "Israel will insist that the intervention in Gaza is in self-defense and that it is a proportionate response, something that will be very difficult to argue. And Palestine is constantly putting forward legal arguments, such as violation of the Geneva Convention, the statute of the International Criminal Court. There is even talk of genocide," he said. 

"The main problem, he added, is that the casting, the actors who are part of all the negotiations, is very complicated. They are divided partnerships," he said.  

During his speech, Bernardino León also referred to the principle established by Prime Minister Netanyahu: to normalize relations with the Arab world without reaching a agreement with the Palestinians, which he put on internship with the so-called Abraham Accords. Netanyahu succeeded in getting Emirates, Sudan, Morocco and Bahrain to recognize the state of Israel. "It seems that for the first time it is possible to superimpose the political on the legal," he said. "The October 7 attacks awaken Israelis to that premise: you can't normalize relations with the Arab world if there is no agreement with Palestine: international law comes back."