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16 students from the University's Nursing and Medicine Schools work as a team on simulated emergency cases.

The conference Interprofessional Simulation for Students aims to improve the work teamwork between nurses and doctors through the internship simulated clinic.


07 | 03 | 2022

"With the Student Interprofessional Simulationconference (SIPE) we wanted to promote work in teams and the interprofessional speech through clinical scenarios", explained Mariangel Petrella, student of the School of Nursing, the main goal of the SIPE initiative created by the students of the University of Navarra. The workshop, which took place on Saturday 5th March at the Simulation Centre of the School Nursing School, brought together 16 3rd and 4th year Nursing students, together with 5th and 6th year Medicine students to carry out simulated emergency cases.   


During the workshop, the students practiced 2 simulated cases of CPR and polytrauma with possible complications. For this purpose, all participating students were previously provided with practical guides and all the material necessary to carry out the clinical cases. In addition, three lecturers from School Nursing were present at workshop. At the end, different theoretical sessions were held to analyse the students' performances and identify areas for improvement. "I did not expect such a positive reception from the students who participated. The enthusiasm was palpable, and they immediately grasped what we were trying to achieve", commented Maria Corbi from the 6th year of Medicine.    

This initiative arose after the participation of 5 student interns from the Unit of teaching internship of the University of Navarra in the congress National of the Spanish Society of Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety (SESSEP) in Granada, where they also participated in simulated cases of CPR, polytrauma, childbirth and asthmatic crisis. goal After their participation, they wanted to bring this initiative to the University of Navarra with the aim of "raising awareness of the importance of work teamwork between medicine and nursing to enhance the speech and the skills of the internship clinical " as explained Ane Arocena, a student of the School Nursing who participated in the organisation of the workshop. 

Ane Arocena and Mariangel Petrella participated in the organisation of the conference from the Nursing School . Ainhoa Murillo, Maria Corbi and Mariana González participated on behalf of School Medicine.