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The School of Nursing celebrates the Sigma Research Day

Students and professors shared their experiences at the research in nursing.

07 | 03 | 2023

The School of Nursing celebrated the Sigma Research Day, on the occasion of the upcoming creation of the chapter at the University in a workshop addressed to students of the School.

The session included three round tables, with different themes, but with the same common point: to talk about research in nursing in different fields. The first one counted with the participation of the student interns Maite Chocarro, Pablo Tabuenca and María Cortés. This figure is that of a student interested in the research that develops in a department. The tasks entrusted to him/her are aimed at integrating him/her in projects, lines of research or other activities of department, according to his/her capacity, training and interests. In this way, the students explained to their classmates the advantages and benefits of starting research from degree program.

Afterwards, three nurses from the healthcare field took the floor to talk about the research that is carried out at internship. María Carrión, nurse at internship Advanced , explained that "many things in our daily are based on evidence. Clínica Universidad de Navarraexplained that "many things in our daily internship are based on evidence, which is why research is necessary". For her part, Ana Irache, a nurse at Dikoda, commented that research attracted her since she started degree program "because she liked to ask why things happen, to be able to give answers to questions and that they have a positive impact on society".

Usua Montes, a nurse from internship Advanced Clínica Universidad de Navarra, said that "the satisfaction staff and professional that has the
research is priceless, because you see how a project you have made is put on internship in your unit to improve patient or family care."

Lastly, professors and researchers from the School of Nursing took the floor to show the work they do to build bridges between the academic and the clinical. In the first place, Navidad Canga, director of the UniversityMaster's Degree in internship Advanced Nursing in Oncology, explained that her research "responds to a society where people have changed, so it is necessary to promote health and improve lifestyles".

"My research is promoted on three levels: in the patient, the family and the professional" said Nuria Esandi, vice-dean of research of the School, "especially to empower the family so that they can overcome themselves in living with a sick person". Maddi Olano, deputy director of department of Nursing Care for Adult Patients, focuses her work on the area of the chronically ill and the humanization of care: "life expectancy has increased in society.
life expectancy in society has increased, but so has chronicity, so person-centered care is a challenge that we have to address with scientific evidence".