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Pedro Mendi, researcher of the ICS, visit the lecture of the United Nations on Trade and development (UNCTAD)

The expert from the Navarra Center for International Development attended a lecture about technology, innovation and development

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The researcher of the ICS, Pedro Mendi PHOTO: Manuel Castells
07/10/13 08:18 Carlota Cortés

Pedro Mendi, researcher of the Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) of the Institute for Culture and Society, visited the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development lecture and development (UNCTAD). Professor Mendi was invited by Anne Miroux, team leader of the Division of Technology and Logistics, and attended a lecture on technology, innovation and development.

The relationship with this area of UNCTAD and specifically with the Science, Technology, innovation, and ICT program started when Pedro Mendi attended the VI Annual Conference of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepeneurship (AIE) in Oxford at the end of August 2013. Anne Miroux gave one of the plenary lectures at the congress where they overlapped and Pedro Mendi had the opportunity to talk to her about NCID and the project Innovation and Technology Transfer in Kenya and South Africa that he leads. "A natural next step would be to invite someone from UNCTAD to give a seminar in Pamplona or to Development Week," explains Pedro Mendi.