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The University of Navarra is part of Polimerbio

The union between the startup from San Sebastian and the University took place in January of this year.

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08/05/20 18:10

This link is strategic for Polimerbio and the University of Navarra. The partnership allows combining specialized know-how in biomaterials with clinical applications. TECNUN's Tissue Engineering department is also participating in the developments. According to Juan Carlos Antigüedad, CEO of Polimerbio, this means support for its activity, which "provides resources and knowledge complementary to those of Polimerbio".

Among the projects that will receive significant support is the design and manufacture of a catheter intended to treat urethral stricture or narrowing and other treatments related to nerve tissue regeneration and cell recruitment. It is precisely in the first application in which Dr. Bernardino Miñana, co director of the department of Urology of the CUN, is participating as a clinical advisor . It consists of "an intraurethral device made of resorbable material to solve male urethral stricture that would provide a minimally invasive and widely applicable solution to a frequent problem that has a great impact on quality of life," Dr. Miñana pointed out. design Tecnun's group Tissue Engineering Department, led by Dr. Jacobo Paredes, is also involved in the manufacturing process.