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José Javier Quintana Rodríguez, winner of the Navarra Biology Olympiad 2022

The test was held at the University's Science School and was attended by 105 students from 22 schools.

/Elena Lozano Roche, José Javier Quintana Rodríguez and Alejandro Monroy Ostivar, winners of the regional phase of the Biology Olympiad.

09 | 03 | 2022

José Javier Quintana Rodríguez, a student of 2nd year of high school diploma of IES Sancho III El Mayor de Tafalla, has won the regional phase of the Biology Olympiad. In the test, held at the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra on Saturday 12th February, 105 students from 22 schools in the region took part.

The second best result went to Alejandro Monroy Ostivar, from IES Ribera del Arga (Peralta), and third place went to Elena Lozano Roche, a student at high school Maristas de Pamplona.

Special mentions were also awarded to Alejandra Domínguez Calonge (IES Basoko), Daniel Alberdi Elizalde (IES Sierra de Leyre), Meriem Rouidjali Adoul (IES Padre Moret-Irubide), Nicolet Yordanoba Tachova (IES Padre Moret-Irubide), Andrea Urdánoz Martínez (Liceo Monjardín) and Laura Vázquez Remírez (IES Basoko) for their good participation. The submission awards ceremony was held on Monday 7 March and was attended by representatives of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra and the high school Official Biologists of Navarra.

The schools and institutes participating in this regional phase were high school Claret Larraona, Jesuitas Pamplona, Luis Amigó, FEC Vedruna, IES Barañain, IES Basoko, IES Marqués de Villena, IES Navarro Villoslada, IES Padre Moret Irubide, IES Ribera del Arga, IES Sancho III El Mayor, IES Sierra de Leyre, IESNAPA Felix Urabayen, Irabia-Izaga, Liceo Monjardín, Maristas, Miravalles- El Redín, Nuestra Señora del Huerto, Sagrado Corazón, San Cernin, The British School of Navarra and Toki Ona BHI.

The top three will participate from 31 March to 3 April in the national phase of the Biology Olympiad organised by the University of Oviedo. The students who obtain the four best positions in the national test will opt for the international test , which this year will take place in Yerevan (Armenia) from 10 to 17 July 2022. On the other hand, those who come 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th in the national phase will be able to compete in the Ibero-American Biology Olympiad to be held in Peru, date to be defined.